FOS opts for an economic and social system where people are central, with respect for everyone’s fundamental rights, including labour and health rights.

The integrity charter was signed together with the other NGOs in Belgium. It means that FOS is committed to taking the necessary measures to enable prevention, detection and response/sanction in the event of a breach of integrity in the context of our activities. 

FOS’ staff signs aCode of Ethics that emphasizes values and standards. The executive partners also sign a commitment to apply ethical principles in their activities. 

The following principles are a central touchstone: 

  1. Respect for each and everyone
  2. Integrity
  3. Responsibility

If you are an employee of one of our partners, or you are a third person who participated in an activity of  FOS or a partner of FOS  – and you are a witness or victim of an integrity violation, you can contact these hotlines with your concerns, questions or complaints: [email protected] 

More information

For more information about the further treatment of your complaint, see complaints procedure attached.