Zimbabwaanse straatverkopers
Zimbabwaanse straatverkopers gaan door met hun werk tijdens de pandemiebeeld:

Satement: The struggle of Zimbabweans is a struggle of all

FOS is alarmed by reports of gross human rights violations, aimed at curtailing civil liberties, including a mass crackdown on human rights activists in Zimbabwe.

The witch-hunt characterised by arbitrary arrests, abductions and intimidation has led to some activists into hiding. Activists are feeling insecure even at their own homes. While there is a growing call for solidarity with Zimbabweans under the banner ZimbabweanLivesMatter, a movement increasingly gaining momentum across the globe, we are all called to action on this. The struggle of one is the struggle of all.


We note with deep concern key contributory factors to this desperate situation which include;

  • Virtual collapse of the health system
  • Government’s response to Covid 19
  • Using the back of Covid 19 to curtail civil liberties
  • Militarisation of the state
  • The use of violence in post-colonial Zimbabwe
  • Corruption
  • Economic collapse – runaway inflation – over 700%, acute food and fuel shortages.
  • Proposed amendments to the Constitution.

We extend a word of revolutionary solidarity to all Zimbabweans. Your example brings hope and possibility to people’s struggles to build a new, just and equitable society. We continue to support the ethos of participative democracy, good governance, ransparency, justice, the rule of law, freedoms of speech and expression as well as other rights enshrined in the Constitution. This is an opportunity for all stakeholders – civilians, government, political parties, movements, trade unions, and civil society organisations including the media to understand the extent of the problems and to develop a comprehensive and deep-rooted response.

In these dark times we urge you take strength and from the African saying ‘However long the night, the dawn will break.’ We urge you to take courage from the late Oliver Tambo’s words ‘There is no way a spirit of resistance that has sunk so deep in the
population can be repressed.’

Let us be bold
Let us be brave
Let us be together
We stand with you.

FOS Southern Africa

FOS has been present in Southern Africa for more than 20 years and currently works with 13 organisations across Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The organisation now considers Zimbabwe as home.

Through our Decent Work strategic focus, we support initiatives aimed at organising people to liberate themselves through fostering powerful movements that can hold governments and social institutions accountable to protect and expand their rights. Key to our focus is tripartite and social dialogue, access to dignified and accessible primary health care, decent work and social protection. As FOS we are working towards doing more, not only in terms of supporting our partners in Zimbabwe but at highlighting the plight of Zimbabweans, including calling for effective mechanisms for dialogue and a respect for human rights and dignity. It is therefore with great concern that we note the labelling of one of our partners as a ‘terrorist organisation’.

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Lees het statement over Zimbabwe van het FOS-kantoor in Zuidelijk Afrika

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